Posted on Apr 1, 2016

How many times have your heard someone say, “I forgot that store existed?”

Boring, general storefronts often go unnoticed. Sure a generic sign does well for finding a place that someone’s already looking for, but why not standout from everyone else? As a business, it’s crucial to be seen. It’s time to stop blending in. Here’s how window film and wall media can help:


We live in a time where attention is scarce and people are distracted. Screens, signs and the lot keep eyes moving and brains wandering. It’s becoming harder to stand out. So take a step in a modern direction and capitalize on a commercial branding solution for your business. Go beyond the sign and utilize all that glass or wall real estate you have. Use it to bolster a unique message, to convey a branded theme, or to simply highlight your logo.


Custom printed, high-resolution window film can quickly transform boring into eye-catching. It can reinforce your storefront, increase visibility, and showcase offerings in a unique way. Turn heads for the right reasons with graphic window film.

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     Advertise Curiosity

It’s an inexpensive alternative to widespread marketing initiatives that may other wise go unnoticed. It may be that extra something needed to spark curiosity and draw in some new customers. You can start generating interest while improving your ability to be seen. 

     Become Memorable

Unique designs can turn a piece of glass into a decorative art piece that serves a purpose. It’s time to put all that wasted space to good use. Whether you have a specific concept in mind, a photograph you’d like to recreate, or just have a basic idea, we’ll take you from start to finish.


The application process is simple, but our in-house graphic design team and printers turn your thoughts and ideas into striking, visually stunning displays. Fill your space with a personalized message that adds value to your business.



Our printable films are engineered to be scratch resistant, retain vibrant colour, and even come equip with UV inhibitors. They are offered in both Polyester and Vinyl formats, to custom suit all your needs.

     Go beyond the Glass with Wall Media

People don’t really remember the colour of walls. So, why not take advantage of that space? Turn pictures, designs, and everything else into stunning wall displays. Fill your space with personalized images printed in remarkably high-resolution. Great for feature walls, adding comfort to spaces, and creating a memorable branding experience.

Our self-adhesive product goes on quick with a peel and stick application. It can be easily removed, without damaging the surface underneath. It’s a smart solution for bland walls that allows you to rotate themes when required.

Grab their attention. Bring your walls to life.

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     Outside of Advertising

All of these offerings also stand as a creative, modern means to increasing workability in the office or elsewhere. Get rid of plain walls and frosted glass. Create custom-made environments for workers to flourish in. Update your interiors, design welcoming areas for guests and employees alike. Simply put: standout.

From decorative privacy to functional personality, you can create effective visuals with an impact. Become memorable and inspire through difference.

It’s time to reinvent your environment for the twenty-first century.
Give us a call, and see what we can do for you today.