We are here to change the space you function in,
to the one you flourish in.

About Window Film Systems

We are the ultimate combination of committed people and quality product.

We are a team of professionals with over four decades of customer satisfaction under our belt. Window Film Systems is the Canadian distributor of Madico,  and Lintec films.

Our wealth of film knowledge, installation experience and a strong dealer network solidifies us as leaders in the industry that greatly improves all the glass that surrounds you.

You should know…

We have installed over 3 million square feet of film! (Approximately 50 football fields worth).

Our headquarters are in London, ON, but we service all of Canada.

Our product has been trusted by the Smithsonian, the Louvre and the National Art Gallery!

We have an impeccable customer satisfaction rating with thousands of customers.

Servicing your Needs Nationally

We proudly span this beautiful country, from industries and intentions, both residential and commercial.

Whether you are a couple or a corporation seeking film solutions to enhance your home or office, create security, or solar control or insert your personal style, it would be our honour to work with you.

While we can easily scale up in terms of our project sizes, we will never scale down our quality!

Our Family Foundation


In 1978 founder Joe Norris used his dreams and determination to fuel the creation of Window Film Systems.  The importance he placed on family and loyalty was and always has been the true secret to our success.

Joe took Peter Yates under his wing back in 1990 and Peter eventually took over the entire company.  As the owner and President, it’s important to him that he maintain Joe’s vision

Joe left this world and our company with a legacy that will live on in our hearts forever.

Everyone we meet along the way – staff, dealers, suppliers or customers – become part of our extended family.

We are proud sponsors of our Kili Kids with

Communities Assisthttps://www.communitiesassist.org/

Passion to Give Back

Communities Assist – Our Charitable Contribution

We believe the change we can bring to our world does not stop at window film.

Our President and Owner, Peter Yates, was raised on a sisal plantation in Tanzania and the idea of helping children thrive in that area has always been a concept close to his heart.

Communities Assist support children in a village at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania by providing them with relief resources.
Through fundraising events and firsthand involvement, we take our transformative powers to wonderful places.

What we Stand for

We are goodness, both in products
and principles.

Strong culture within a company cannot be built without a set of key qualities that are not just upheld by us as a whole, but as individuals.

We value:

Honour – We are completely behind the work you do and want to help you to do it well.

Accountability  – We get the job done and we will work tirelessly to surpass expectations.

Gratitude – For all of the partnerships we enter into and all of the inspirational people we are able to meet along the way.

Family – Whether it be the ones we work for or the ones we go home to, people are our priority.

Sustainability  – We offer products and practices that support the environmental well-being of our planet.

Communication – Being open and accessible is our strong suit.

Celebration  – What we do, who we do it for, and how well we do it is always cause for excitement.

Take Our Work for it.

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