Posted on Jun 14, 2016

Fact: Architects love glass.

Just take a look around if you don’t believe me. Modern buildings are practically built out of the stuff.
Yet, as we know, glass often creates unforeseen challenges.

As such, there is a clear value in approaching architects, and if done properly, can result in a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

For starters, it’s about generating intrigue by offering unique solutions through intelligent conversation…

Sell with Solutions – Not Products                                              

Solutions solve problems; products are part of a solution.

Instead of selling a product, position it as a helping fix to a common issue – like reducing heat, rejecting UV rays for protective purposes (for art or furniture), or offering a comfortable and functional  means to privacy.

Be sure to present yourself and company as an approachable, experienced, and authentic resource.

Demonstrate Industry Expertise with a Lunch & Learn

You’d be surprised what an offering of free food can do for business.

By demonstrating industry expertise with a short presentation, showcasing knowledge of the specification processes, and offering a complete competitive solution for problems sets a foundation for strong relationships to be built.

At a lunch and learn: address common issues while offering well-rounded film solutions. Be sure to field questions and discuss in detail. Lastly, be prepared with ballpark square footage rates for various solutions.

At the end of the day, it’s all about raising awareness and creating a presence that your company is the go to for practical and reliable film solutions.


Provide a Sample Binder of Common Films with a Broad Range of Applications for Architectural Libraries

Offer the widest range of applicable solutions as a means of demonstrating the scope of window film solutions. The more familiar architects are with potential solutions, the more likely they may discover a use.

Try to provide them in some form of branded package, with you company’s logo and information.

Our typical sample binder includes a several solar films, privacy solutions, decorative applications, security films, and even a few from Madico’s solution series (anti-graffiti / anti-fog, etc.).

Use Case Studies to Exemplify Effectiveness

Beyond examples of your own work, try and incorporate case studies that exemplify specific results.

If you don’t have the time to create your own – use your resources. Madico offers ample case studies for usage that demonstrate the effectiveness of window film.

Consider Writing Specifications (Spec)

Architects require specifications for all products used on a job. Learning to write spec can be a function of necessity. But worry not, almost all Spec writing is universal – there may only be slight variations based on the job specifics or a firms requirements.

Having general spec written for common films can be way to demonstrate your competency and expertise. While making yourself an easy go to for architects. Keep ahead of the game. 


Understand there is tremendous value in this kind of pursuit – if a firm decides to use your services, they are not an end-user, and often can become a long-term client.

Not to mention a great source for referrals and strong testimonials.

Don’t forget – we’re here to help. We all grow together.

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