Posted on Oct 20, 2016

By: Andy Mastroianni

One common point that all businesses can agree on is that since the 2008-09 time period, commerce in all markets has been tough.  Unless someone has been on a deserted island with no communications, the economy has been blamed for just about every business problem since then. Even now 7 years later it still resonates. Window film sales have taken their share of hits.  

But for anyone looking longer and deeper at the market thermometers, the markets were shifting well before the economic downturn.  The recession badly inflamed the problem but market shifts were already occurring. The reports all showed it.

When markets shift, it’s a fancy way of saying that the customers change.  Their priorities, buying habits, knowledge levels and even their ‘mob’ personalities change every 6 to 10 years.  During this last change, many new tech toys flooded the market (iPads, tablets, smartphones), the social networks popped up on steroids, paying for health care took on a whole new meaning and the millennials were now involved in homes and businesses in decision-making roles.  Those are just a few examples. 

When customers change, marketers must change with them. Selling must be different.  There is one key adoption tool for this new market norm that can help if it is well-integrated.  It is the element of building curiosity in customers.  This involves both flat glass and auto film sales alike. Let’s examine this closer.

For many years, the common dual strategies for film dealers, for both flat or auto, were either projecting an image of being better experts in film technologies or lower prices or both. That projection was even easier and more important given all the technical terms involved in films. That image was the prime focus and made perfect sense. After all, the dealers were experts.

However, the current customers are different.  They need expanding approaches. One strategy can help but it involves changing the focus. While being an expert will always be important, how you get there should change. Instead of a direct approach to your expertise, concentrate more on…building curiosity. Curiosity helps customers ask questions, something that all film sales, auto or flat, should strive to achieve.

Curiosity is one of the most interesting buying emotions. It can drive customers much further in a sale than you can take them in a direct selling manner. This strategy should embed into websites, emails and printed/e- materials that film marketers use. Then, of course, it should also integrate into all selling dialogues.

Window film sales may not be as predictable and straightforward as they once were. Then again, neither is picking your healthcare program, energy provider, business website or a dozen other fundamentals. But you can learn to see the shifts in the market and move in sync with them. Think about it.  Hope this helps. 

Andy Mastroianni is a national speaker and strategic marketing consultant in numerous industries. He has been helping window film dealers and distributors since 2001 in local, regional, national and international markets.

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