Posted on Apr 23, 2014

Madico has recently launched a new Solution Series film line.

This new series features an impressive line-up of films designed for applications you may have never even thought possible. The series brings together specialized film products to address a variety of concerns from blocking ultra-violet light in computer clean rooms to eliminating fog on grocery store freezer doors. The Solution Series includes the following films:

  • Anti-Fog: A clear film designed for applications requiring continuous glass clarity and fog reduction. Ideal for commercial applications including freezer doors and deli cases, bathroom mirrors, steam rooms and saunas, indoor pools and spa enclosures.
  • UV Gard: An optically-clear film that filters out more than 99% of ultra-violet light while still allowing the maximum amount of visible light into a space. It was designed with museums and retail storefronts in mind where both maximum light transmission and fade control are necessary. The film can also be used on specialty devices for individuals who are highly sensitive to UV rays.
  •  Amber 81: Inspired by its name, this colored film is for use in environments which require the blocking of UV light in the low visible range, such as operating rooms and clean rooms for computer part manufacturing.
  • Graffiti-Free: This film acts as a sacrificial barrier to protect glass and surfaces from graffiti, etching and high-traffic wear and can be easily removed when necessary. Storefront windows, restroom mirrors, transit systems, and schools can benefit from this product.
  • Blister Free: A clear film created specifically for polycarbonate (Lexan®) and acrylic (Plexiglass®) substrates that allows solar control or decorative films to then be applied. It is often used to achieve solar control on skylights and on acrylic windows in schools, hospitals and treatment facilities.