Posted on Aug 26, 2016

What if you could transform your space – walls, furniture, counters – without limits.

      Turn a boring wall into a sleek display of refined class and style.

      Change worn out surfaces into stunning displays.

      Enhance your space without the effort of renovating.

Now you can – with high-end Architectural surface films by InFeel.

Transformative Thermoformable Power

Create a new look and feel with these self-adhesive vinyl films. With over 300 styles and designs to choose from, options range from luxury wood, leather, natural, abstract, paper weave, metal and more. All of which stand out with their visual textures to create a modern look and feel.

They can also be formed to almost any area, allowing desks and table tops to be revitalized instead of replaced.


Cost-Effective & Easy Application

By eliminating wasteful and expensive renovations, budget friendly surface films lower both project and maintenance costs. Likewise, the easy installation process keeps disruptions to a minimum.

Long-Term Value

The dimensional stability and powerful bonding of InFeel provides longevity – in a way that paint or wallpaper never could.

InFeel Wallcovering

Chloe Approves.

Fire Safety Rated

Most InFeel films are treated to be anti-flammable to offer assurance and compliance to code regulations.

Bring a sense of character to your environment.
Change your look with InFeel surface films.

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