Posted on Sep 30, 2016

If you’ve invested in nice hardwood flooring, expensive furniture, or priceless art – why leave it vulnerable to prolonged damage? Read below and find out how to properly protect your belongings.

As the sun brightly shines through your windows, or sneaks through in the form of invisible ultra violet rays, the process of fading, discolouration, or fabric damage begins to take its toll on all of your hard earned belongings. While the process is slow and subtle, the culminating effects of visible light damage stack up.

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Most fading concerns are related to hardwood floors. All woods are photo-reactive to some degree, but will fade differently depending on the type of wood. With that said, even laminates and other artificial substrates are vulnerable to the effects of the sun. When uniformly exposed, many hardwoods will remain attractive as they fade, but rugs, carpets, and furniture in a room can displace light exposure… guaranteeing uneven colouration that will greatly affect the aesthetics of a room.


Short of blocking off all light from entering your home via shades, blinds, or shutters the only way to truly protect your flooring, furnishing, and art is to control the type and amount of light that passes through your windows. The fact of the matter is that ultraviolet rays don’t care how much authentic American oak costs.

Our premium line of solar films block nearly 100% of harmful UV rays without disrupting the comfort of your room or the clarity of your windows. They allow natural light to pass through your glass and illuminate your home, while defending your interiors from irreparable damage.

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These films also help to mitigate any discomfort caused by hot spots or glare, while still providing the allure of natural sunlight. They reduce the reliance on air conditioning by enabling you to more efficiently control your home’s climate. You’ll notice the difference in reduced energy costs with an increased standard of comfort.

Not to mention our superior manufacture warranties ensure the longevity of our products for an extended period of time. Reliability you can count on.

Protect your furnishing from fading with our premium window films and ensure your belongings look great for years to come.

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