Posted on Apr 10, 2015

What is Nanotechnology?

The terms nanotechnology and nano-particle are used quite frequently in today’s discussions of advanced window film technology. Are they overused and or misused? It’s important to know what these terms mean and how they relate to window film design and construction.

The word nanotechnology is an umbrella term used for anything that is 100 nanometers or less in size. This is very small at the intercellular level. The term is fairly new however the manipulation of molecules has been around for quite some time.

Many different substances can be broken down to nano-sized particles. In relation to window film, these particles are used as coatings to control solar energy.

What Does “Ceramic” Mean?

The term ceramic is frequently used when nitrate and oxide coatings are used in window film construction. During the coating process, nitrogen and/or oxygen are introduced into the sputtering chamber in conjunction with a negative electrical charge and argon gas. By introducing these gases, the target metal is transformed into a non-metal state. The appearance of the coating changes drastically and is less reflective in appearance compared to a metalized coating. Hence the term ceramic, as the coating is no longer metal with metal properties and appearance.