High Yield and Short Sales Cycles

Just a couple advantages of offering Window Film. Test

Window Film is an ingenious product that helps businesses and homeowners reduce energy bills, protect valuables from fading and sun damage, defend people & products from glass shattering and decorate a space with gorgeous and effective designs.

Did You Know?

Only 5% of Canadian glass has a film or protective coating on it.

With hundreds of demographics to service with so many effective and valuable solutions to everyday pain points, Window Film is a fantastic opportunity. 

Facts About Film:

Negligible Fixed Asset Requirement to Begin Selling and Installing Window Film
Compared to other industry standard business costs, distributing window film can happen with low capital start up costs.
Swift Incline to Revenue
The model allows a quick incline to revenue when you start your business.
Strong cash flow model
People are very often surprised by the revenue potential in the film industry compared to many other product offerings.
Short Sales Cycles
New dealers often begin in the residential market which can take you from quote to installation sometimes within a week
Low Operating Costs
Everyone knows someone who needs film. Product and installation quality combined with exceptional service will grow business organically.
You want it, we have it.
We keep all standard products in stock in our 4000 square foot warehouse and our policy is that if you get your order in to us by 2 PM EST, we'll ship the same day!
Less Fluctuation and Sensitivity in the Market
Film is often a must-have in the architectural and corporate world and weathers economical storms well.
Evolving Technologies
Film is expanding rapidly into emerging technologies such as touch-screen capabilities and mobile apps to control light value and colour, just to name a few.

Why Window Film Systems
is a Strong Partner for You.

We are not just a distributor; we are a support system for all aspects of your business.

Window Film Systems have invested over 30 years assisting our dealers reach their business goals. Most distributors care about one thing – moving product out the door. We have a different approach.

We share with you our tried and true methods of selling these products at the retail level.

Experience from the installation side of the business provides you with the tools to present, close and install your first project.

What we offer:

Exclusive programs:

Sunscape Solar and Safety Films

Sunscape is Madico’s premium line of architectural window films that allow you to customize interiors with the finest films and warranty in the industry, installed only by certified dealers.

SafetyShield Security Films

Madico’s premium security film program offers the most end-to-end complete solution in the industry; including a portfolio of films, attachment systems, as well as technical training and certification. With Madico’s extensive experience in blast mitigation, natural disaster defense, and anti-intrusion, SafteyShield® products are positioned as the market leaders.

Lintec Printable and View Control Films

Lintec offers a wide range of decorative, printable and optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive films of unsurpassed quality.

Hüper Optik Solar Control Films

Huper Optik made a name for itself by pioneering in nano-ceramic coating technology that is still to this date the only patented nano-ceramic product available.

Protected Territories
Unlike most of our competitors, Window Film Systems Dealers are supported and protected with territories that allow them to have limited competition, enabling them to be more profitable in their territory.
Sales & Marketing Support
Not enough room in the budget for a Marketing Department? Window Film Systems provide our dealers with sales and marketing support on many avenues including lead referrals, cooperative advertising programs, national trade show attendance, and full line of collateral materials.
Graphic Design
Our dealers are invited to tap into the talent of our Graphics Department. We are happy to lend a helping hand with the development of your marketing materials and your customers’ graphic needs.
Certified Installation Department
Training, experience, and certification enable us to provide our dealers with installation training, technical assistance and support staff for large projects.
National Dealer Network
Window Film Systems is equipped to complete national projects with exceptionally high standards, which is enabled by the combined efforts of our dealers.

Learn Your Marketplace Potential

To learn more about our product offerings, our support structures and more about the window film industry, we will schedule an introductory phone conversation with you and our business developer Doug Garside.  Doug has tremendous knowledge and expertise in the film industry and will cover more about:

  1. Your business goals and objectives
  2. Your marketplace potential
  3. Your experience and approach to window film

If you would like to schedule this discovery with Doug, please fill out the form below. We will get back in touch with you within a business day. 

Further Education

To learn more about Window Film, feel free to download this free resource prepared by our team.

Free Guide: The Top 16 Industry Terms all Window Film Dealers NEED to know

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