Posted on May 22, 2015

Have you ever thought about how the glass in your home could be a canvas? A canvas that could serve as the backdrop for artwork or photography and create a little privacy at the same time? Now you can thanks to printable window film.

Window Film Systems line up of optically clear printable films creates the possibility of turning windows and doors into masterful pieces of art and creating unique illusions through colour, texture and depth.

Through the use of meaningful and personal imagery via a growing number of online photography and image sources or even personal photography, printing to film has the potential to transform a space and even bring it to life.

Features and benefits of printable window film:

  • Creating impact and drawing people into a space
  • Enhancing privacy as a stylish interior design piece or room divider
  • Creating optical illusions
  • Maximizing UV protection
  • Showcasing meaningful or personal imagery or photography

Not only through our product line and process, Window Film Systems can help you bring your vision to life. We can bring a graphic designer from our staff into the mix to help mold and develop your concept. Through a unique skill set and the use of leading edge technology we can get your artwork print and film ready taking into account things like image size, resolution and colours.

The combination of your vision and our products and skills truly does allow for the creation of space transforming window film artwork!

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