Madico (

Window Film Systems proudly carries the only security film in Canada with a ULC Burglar Resistant rating. Madico’s SafetyShield® is the security film that provides an invisible barrier to potential intruders.  Additionally, Madico’s Anti-Graffiti film is the easy, cost-effective solution to protect glass from scratches and etching.

If you have an area that requires ultimate protection, we supply top-notch materials.  Madico’s Safety & Security films are specifically engineered and tested to meet stringent standards, more so than any other manufacturer in the industry.


In an environment of serious risk and potential hazard, trust in the company with over 110 years of experience! Madico’s premium security film program offers the most complete solution in the industry including a portfolio of films, attachment systems, as well as technical training and certification. With Madico’s extensive experience in blast mitigation, natural disaster defense, and anti-intrusion, SafteyShield® products are positioned as the market leaders for ultra-demanding environments.


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