Madico  (

Madico, with a history that dates back more than 110 years, is one of the world’s leading solar window film manufacturers. Window Film Systems has been a proud distributor of the quality film since 1978, and trusts the tried and true brand to bring customers the best when it comes to solar solutions.

Madico’s cornerstone products consist of a suite of premium window films designed to conserve energy, and provide protection and comfort in virtually any application – view control, commercial and residential energy control and safety and security. The company’s award-winning specialty film products have been proven to increase protection and energy generation in the emerging renewable energy sectors.

Huper Optik  (

Window Film Systems is the Canadian distributor of the Hüper Optik, which provides patented window film technology to ensure energy efficient solutions for your windows.

Huper Optik made a name for itself by pioneering in nano-ceramic coating technology that is still to this date the only patented nano-ceramic product available. Since the early days, Huper Optik has continued to develop its portfolio into niche areas that push the standards of conventional solar control performance to new heights. With the tag line “the best film money can buy”. Consistently leading the charge in ceramic film advancements, Hüper Optik window films provide an environmentally winning solution for clear visibility and heat rejection.

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