Posted on Jan 15, 2016

    Glass is vulnerable.

It cracks, breaks, and shatters. Worse off, it can often act as an entrance point for forced intrusion. A window or glass door/panel easily provides the opportunity for break-ins, burglary, or vandalism. Yet, when security film is installed, it creates an invisible barrier to help protect your property.

When a security film is applied, glass will break, but not shatter. This helps to prevent a possible intruder from quickly entering a property. Likewise, when a window gives way, shards of glass and debris cause cause the risk of severe physical injury. By preventing the glass from shattering, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.

As such, our security film systems provide a high-tech, low-cost means of preventing break-ins, rather than deterring intruders via alarms or other means.

    Madico’s SafetyShield® Security Film

We at Window Film Systems proudly offer Madico’s SafetyShield® security films. These products hold glass together under the most extreme conditions, minimizing injury to those nearby, both inside and out. SafetyShield® films can help mitigate threats from storms, earthquakes, bomb blasts, theft, and vandalism – effectively shielding your property. It’s a convenient and aesthetically appealing option for protecting your glass!

Amazingly, Madico’s security systems are even “in place at some of the most highly protected buildings in the world including the Smithsonian, the Louvre, and New Scotland Yard.”

Window Film Systems is proudly the only certified SafetyShield® Premier Partner in all of Canada. Likewise, we are the the only distributor and installer in Canada with a ULC Burglar Resistant rating.

So, let us help you achieve peace of mind with our wide range of tints, styles and grades of safety and security films.

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