Posted on Jun 12, 2017

Glass walls are a staple of modern design and have become commonplace in architectural spaces. Rather than uninviting cubicle walls, glass partitions open up the feel of an office. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be used to create custom interiors, meeting spaces, and boardrooms. Nonetheless, the extensive use of glass walls can lead to privacy issues.

Left on its own, the inviting nature of this trend can be a detriment to productivity. It leaves workers vulnerable to distraction and interruption. Likewise, it can even be a risk to confidentiality, as in some sectors privacy is a requirement to guard sensitive information. As such, too much visibility can be a bad thing.

So, how can a designer take advantage of the openness of glass walls without the disadvantage of excess visibility?

For starters, classic privacy options such as a simple frosted or decorative window film are an easy retrofit solution. These films can be cut to varying widths to provide privacy while also – depending on the film used – allowing light to pass through.

They are also a great option for cut graphics or logos. These films can be precisely manipulated to showcase branding or to provide privacy with customised designs – such as stripes or swooshes.

More excitingly, the progression of wide-format printing and clear printable films has opened up the doors to total customization. Our in-house print production and expert graphic design team now provides us with full control over the process of creating privacy band. We can create the perfectly sized privacy band for your glass with the exact amount of visibility you desire.

From varying opacity levels to fading gradient overlays, nothing is out of the question. We can even incorporate subtle designs, extend corporate branding, or even use bold and colourful graphics to add functional personality to your space.

You are no longer stuck with the simplicity of frosted or decorative films. Now you can create an environment that supports the workflow of your office while reflecting the culture around it. It’s time to conceal your space with class.

Come evolve with us.

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