Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Surface solutions: Where innovation meets function. 

We at Window Film Systems recently added a new line of products to our roster. Introducing InFeel.

What is InFeel?

InFeel products are self-adhesive vinyl films. They provide durable solutions for your surfaces.

These films are imprinted to depict natural aesthetics like wood, granite, marble, leather, metals and are offered in hundreds of unique styles.

InFeel can be applied to all types of surfaces, including wood, cement, paint, plaster, or tiles. As sleek textured-finishes, they are often applied to walls, ceilings, doors, elevators, mouldings, panels, columns, fixtures, tables, and any other indoor space.

They are designed to resist everyday wear and tear, and are engineered with a special fire retardant treatment to ensure safety.

Flexible Fit

It’s application flexibility opens up a world of opportunity for interior design.

Thanks to its thermoforming capacity, it can be fully moulded and adapted to conform to any shape, making it the perfect solution for furniture restoration or renovation.


That’s not really wood. That’s InFeel.

Why replace, when you can resurface.

Furthermore, InFeel products are applied onsite, reducing the labour and material costs, while also minimizing the creation of additional waste. By encouraging the reuse of warn-out surfaces, it effectively cuts down on waste. It’s the added bonus of revitalization with a decorative touch.

Experience Nature in a New Way

Now you can change your interiors and update your surfaces at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy the classic and modern looks of genuine leather along with an extraordinary texture. Or, you can marvel the natural appeal of quality wooden patterns. There are even exclusive styles that that create intricate visual effects.

The opportunities are endless. Wrap your world today.

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