Posted on Feb 6, 2015

People often have two big misconceptions about window film. One, it has to be dark to be effective and two, its going to turn purple and bubble on my windows over time.

Window film doesn’t need to be dark, shiny and unnatural looking to make your home more comfortable and protect your valuables from the sun’s damaging rays.


Window Film Systems offers high performance films that will have a minimal impact on your homes aesthetic day and night. Modern films reduce UV rays and heat, however are not as reflective or dark as traditional films you see on office towers. During the day our films allow the natural light to fill your home, and at the same time block those damaging UV rays and protect your prized possessions against sun damage and fading. The interior reflection or “black hole” appearance has vanished. The exterior view of your windows remains unchanged while your view from the interior is bright and crisp. No longer will you have to put up with a mirrored exterior appearance or that dreary overcast look from the interior in the evening hours.

Nearly “invisible” spectrally selective films with a high VLT – visible light transmittance, permit a high level of natural light through the glass but can still have a significant impact on the energy efficiency, overall comfort, safety and even add to the appearance from the exterior. Like a nice pair of sunglasses for your space!

    We are Professionals with Window Film

You can take our word and more importantly our work for it, our films, when installed professionally are not going to turn purple and bubble. Film has come along way over time and that discoloration associated with automotive films of the 80s and 90s simply doesn’t happen any more when using a high quality film. Advanced technologies applied to modern films have resulted in quality products with warrantied durability and longevity! Mix high quality products with a highly experienced installation crew that by recent calculation has installed over 1 Million Square feet of film (and growing by the day) and you can strike bubbling off your list of concerns about window film!

Modern, high performing window films are truly remarkable. They offer a very cost effective way to make a significant change to your space and can do so while looking great!